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Budget accounts are set up for the convenience of our customers that wish to have a regular monthly payment for oil instead of payment at time of delivery. The customer would pay 10 monthly payments beginning in June. Each additional payment would be due by the 15th of each month until the end of the budget cycle.
Budget customer’s heating needs are estimated for the approaching heating season. The gallon usage for the year is multiplied by an estimated price for oil. This figure is in turn divided by 10 monthly payments. This gives us the amount to be paid each month. These payments are for fuel oil only and do not include service.
The pricing used to calculate usage is not a locked in price. The price of the oil is calculated for the date of the delivery. Budget customers receive the cash price for the oil and an additional discount of .02/gallon is given at the end of the budget plan for those customers that have paid their budgets on time and have no balances due on their accounts.
One benefit of a budget account is not having to pay for a large oil delivery within 10 days of receiving. This avoids any finance charges and/or the .10/gallon delivery charge for overdue deliveries. Budget customers are guaranteed the cash price. Deliveries are made on an automatic basis no need to worry about calling.
If you are interested in a budget for the next heating season, please call the office or e-mail us at
A budget plan is not a capped or locked price. Any balances due on the account at the close of the budget cycle are holders responsibility.