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Service Plans

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Plan #1
  1. Complete annual cleaning and one free emergency service call, labor charges only.  
  2. Clean, lubricate and adjust burner.
  3. Vacuum unit, smoke pipe and chimney base if necessary.  
  4. Inspect or vacuum combustion chamber.
  5. Replace nozzle.
  6. Clean and adjust electrodes and High tension leads.
  7. Check pump and pump strainer.
  8. Check fan and air diffusers.
  9. Replace oil filter cartridge and gasket.
  10. Clean, test and calibrate all controls.
  11. Lubricate all motors.
  12. Make necessary burner and draft adjustments.
  13. Replace or clean air filters.
  14. Inspect oil lines for possible leaks.
  15. Check ignition system and firing rate. and
  16. Take a safety check result.
Plan # 2
Complete annual cleaning and all emergency service calls free for one year, labor charges only.
This plan includes all the work mentioned in plan #1.
Plan # 3
Complete annual cleaning, all emergency service calls and parts replaced.
This plan includes all the work mentioned in plan #1 and plan #2 plus parts insurance. 
We will repair or replace defective parts as listed below:
  • Fan motor
  • Fan & limit controls
  • Stack or circulator relay
  • Transformer
  •  Nozzle assembly
  • Burner motor
  • Standard type thermostat
  • Air cone
  • Electrodes
  • Draft regulator
  • Fuel oil pump
  • Blast tube
Plumbing, water related items and equipment upgrades are not included.  All contracts are subject to initial furnace inspection.
**New customers add $30.00 to contract price for initial burner cleaning.